The global challenges we face will be tackled by collaborations across technologies,sectors and companies’ (The Wired World 2022) Do you agree?

I agree. Tech companies, especially tech startups, are the critical drivers of innovation – they learn, iterate and deliver faster and force the market to improve their offerings. We also see a pollination of disruptive models and technologies between different markets (food, fashion, retail, etc) – a good example is Uber’s fundamental model being applied to food, groceries and delivery.

Andre Jordao
Founder & CEO, Barkyn

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The last two years have shown, while perhaps not the desired state, that we are at a sufficient level of technological advancement to work through even the most trying situations. I’ve been inspired by the adaptability and strength my team at TruRating has drawn on, to keep our complex business not only afloat but thriving. I’m an optimist – I believe that we can, and must, collaborate across sectors to help each other grow and learn.

Georgina Nelson
CEO & Founder, TruRating

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As a startup with 4 founders and a lot of collective baggage in and out of the tech startup ecosystem, we know that multidisciplinary collaboration is the only way forward. In a global world, where technology makes it easier for us to feel connected to each other and where most of our pains are shared, we at Coverflex keep an open door as part of a community where we actively share knowledge and ideas.

Nuno Pinto
CBO & Co-Founder, Coverflex

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I definitely agree. Crypto is a good example: it has proven it is here to stay, but is still facing the constant risk of debanking. If the global adoption of crypto is to take place we need collaboration between the crypto companies, banks, and regulators. Fiat rails providers can help bridge the gap – between traditional finance and crypto – by introducing a data led compliance-first approach to crypto flows, offering a common language between those worlds.

Martyna Lewinska
Co-Founder & CTO, Fiat Republic

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