‘The Books That Inspire Me’ Elizabeth Clark, CEO and Co Founder of Dream Agility

Photo c/o Jamen Percy

High Growth Handbook (scaling startups from 10 – 1000 people). By Elad Gil.

Loved this book, particularly liked the bit on Product Development Management and Product Marketing. Most of us have been hiring the wrong types of marketing people. The branding piece is so small, hire it out and the growth marketing most marketers have no experience of but it’s what you need so hire that in and make sure they have plenty experience of that!

The Silent Guides. By Prof Steve Peters.

If you have kids you’re going to love this book, but it applies equally to adults. If you can get past the narrators awful voice, you’ll discover we all have a ‘chimp’ element to our mind. Being able to control it will put you in a much better space. My mother always said, “I would cut my nose off to spite my own face”. I now realise that was my chimp that was at work. I have a much better control of it, I think there’s a lot of chimp in entrepreneurs and being able to recognise when it’s coming into play and could be damaging would be really useful for everyone.

Bad Science. By Ben Goldacre

I’ve always been interested in design of experiments, and apart from being well narrated it’s a fascinating book with 1346 reviews and 4.5 stars. It lifts the lid on flaky statistics, bad pharma and scaremongering journalists. With all the nonsense being talked about on covid19 there has never been a better time to read this book.

The Making of Donald Trump. By David Cay Johnston.

If you’ve ever wondered how Trump can live with himself, this explains how. Johnston has been tracking his family and their ‘activities’ since Trumps father. It’s a fascinating look into the mind.

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