What to remember about Angel Investors? Top 10 ‘suggestions’ from serial entrepreneur Sherry Coutu!

Sherry CoutuThe incredible ‘vibe’ be it on entering Techhub or The Trampery at Silicon Roundabout, grabbing a coffee at The Bookclub (Leonard Street) or sitting in the audience at Tech Entrepreneurs Week (as we did!) amongst a multitude of startups is more than tangible!

Not unexpected is the constant desire for entrepreneurs to engage with investors. With this in mind we are delighted to bring you a top tip list from arguably the best in the business.

Sherry Coutu was voted by TechCrunch as the best CEO mentor/advisor in Europe in November 2010. In May 2011, she was voted by Wired magazine as one of the top 25 ‘most influential people in the wired world’ and one of the top ten most influential investors and women.

We caught up with Sherry this week and hope her succinct list helps!

  1. Choose angels/mentors who have an amazing network of contacts in your industry.
  2. Choose an individual rather than a ‘firm’. Personal track-record and value add are critical.
  3. Choose an angel/investor AFTER talking to their other investee companies first. (thefunded.com)’
  4. Choose an angel investor who has gone down the path you need to go down.. (raising money / floating)
  5. Choose an angel investor/mentor who has RUN a company to chair your board.
  6. DO NOT Choose an investor who has restrictions which prevent them from investing more in your company
  7. Choose to listen to your investor, and make sure they have time available for you.
  8. Choose to communicate with your investor(s). Amazing what you can find out!
  9. Know that great angels and investors help you with three sets of things: talent, customers and strategy.
  10. DO NOT try to delegate the process to someone else!

Thank you Sherry.

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