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Three more entrepreneurs explain how ‘Regret minimisation’ helped them start their business

In the second part of our  ‘Regret minimisation’ blog we caught up with CEO’S Johnathan Agnès of Foodity, Tom Allason of Shutl and Tom Adeyoola of Metail. In the 1990′s Jeff Bezos hesitated before starting Amazon after a respected colleague …

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How a ‘Regret minimisation framework’ may have inadvertently started three great businesses

We are always looking for a fresh and different perspective from Silicon Roundabout’s genuine game changers and disruptors. This week we caught up with six leading  entrepreneurs and asked them the same question. You may be surprised! In the 1990′s …

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Five minutes with…… Jason Trost, CEO of Clerkenwell based Smarkets

Having teamed up with Hunter Morris, Jason Trost launched, betting exchange platform Smarkets in London, in 2010. Quickly picked up by The Wall Street Journal as one of Europe’s 10 young companies to watch and the subject of much press …

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