Advice from 10 leading Entrepreneurs and VC’s as we head into 2024! (Part 1)

Always Be Closing (ABC). Founders are their companies’ best salespeople and also the first to stop selling, handing it over to others — go out and get the revenues.

Avi Eyal
Co-Founder and Managing Partner, Entrée Capital

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In 2024 the most important quality in a team will be resilience. Work sustainably and productively and protect your team from burn-out.

Richard Mabey
CEO, Juro

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Focus on your mental health. In tough times, it’s difficult to stay positive. Spend time with friends and family.

Piotr Pisarz
CEO & Founder, Uncapped

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Take actual action to prepare for the worst i.e black swan events, but also be equally prepared for the best.

Christian Facey
CEO, Audiomob

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Success is all about people. Attract the best, provide them with autonomy to excel, and protect them from poor performers who damage morale and innovation.

Matt Mills
Chief Revenue Officer, 10x Banking

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List your top 5 company level priorities for the quarter, rank them and delete the bottom 4. Focus all resource on 1.

Olly Thornton-Berry
Co-Founder & MD, thirdfort

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Funding freeze will start to melt this year. Founders who’ve improved capital efficiency, customer excellence and team culture during the winter will see be rewarded.

Gonzalo Tradacete
Founder and Managing Partner, Faraday Venture Partners

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You may need to change gears from high growth to greater efficiency, but one thing that can never waiver is customer focus. If delivering a great experience for your customers is your north star, even when that path changes the team can move forward.

Melissa Eamer
Founder and CEO, Modern Age

– – – –

Build your super team. As CEO, you are a talent manager. Hire people that take pride in their work with a continuous improvement “kaizen” mindset.

Ivan Soto-Wright
CEO & Co-Founder, MoonPay

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2024 is going to be a year where we expect to see more investment activity.However,the hangover from 2023 is still very much giving everyone a headache.
Strong unit economics over growth at all costs should still be sitting in the front of founders minds, whether they want to raise from VC’s or not.

Oli Hammond
Partner and VC at Fuel Ventures

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