Advice from 10 leading Entrepreneurs and VC’s as we head into 2024! (Part 2)

Set one clear goal for the company to align around, with each person a “Single Threaded Owner” (STO) of an action to achieve it.

Dan Thompson
CEO, Kluster

– – – – –

Agility and adaptability are more crucial than ever in 2024. AI-driven product advancements require faster development cycles; whilst heavily scrutinised budgets offer rewards to innovative commercial models.

Philip Edmondson-Jones
Partner, OXX

– – – – –

Things are rarely as good, or bad, as we fear. Our role is to provide clarity and context on today – alongside hope for the future.

Stuart Lewis
Co-Founder & CEO, Rest Less

– – – – –

Define objectives with precision making sure people understand how you measure success and surround yourself with the best talent – this is the bedrock of success.

Andrew Yeoman
CEO, Concirrus

– – – – –

The mentality to consistently challenge when scaling your business effectively is ‘we’ve always done it that way

Neil Tanna
Co-founder & CEO, Howbout

– – – – –

A must for entrepreneurs in 2024 is : prioritize flexible work models and invest in employee development to adapt to the evolving future of work, fostering a dynamic, inclusive culture while improving your company’s productivity.

Martijn Hamann
General Partner, Endeit Capital

– – – – –

Ensure your model (business AND financing) reflects a real world away from the many abnormalities of 2020-2022. Don’t fail because you still think its 2021.

Mark Beeston
Founder & Managing Partner, Illuminate Financial

– – – – –

Savvy leaders adapt to new paradigms and realities, and find solutions for both employers and employees. Accessibility and flexibility must remain at the heart of everything.

Tony Jamous
Co-Counder & CEO, Oyster

– – – – –

Learn to be a professional CEO, not a ‘scrappy founder’. Shape the vision, allocate resource, set priorities, nurture the company culture, and hire & develop the best.

Asaf Navot
CEO, Home Made

– – – – –

Celebrate your wins and don’t overthink your losses.Startups are about the long game and staying power is your superpower.Just keep doing what you think is right.

James Coombes
CEO & Co-Founder, Raft

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