The importance of workplace mental health amid COVID-19

This week ‘Unmind Live’ launched on YouTube. Unmind CEO and Co-Founder Dr Nick Taylor explains what will be involved, the experts contributing, and the added importance of nurturing mental wellbeing through self-isolation.

Last night the prime minister announced new measures to help us keep away from one another and stem the rise of the coronavirus.

That type of announcement, though necessary, can be worrying. More than ever, it’s important that we take measures to manage our own mental health.

Aside from the totally understandable concerns around the virus itself, working from home for extended periods poses a new set of challenges for our mental wellbeing.

It’s not uncommon to feel lonely through disconnection, to feel stress in the uncertainty, and to experience difficulties navigating new family dynamics as everybody goes about their daily lives under the same roof.

That’s why, while events around the coronavirus unfold and we’re instructed to remain indoors, we will host Unmind Live sessions every Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

Hosted by our very own experts and collaborators, such as yoga tutor Anna Loveridge, each session will promote health in body and mind through guided breathing exercises, peaceful meditations and essential movement workouts.

Unmind Live sessions are open to anyone and everyone, wherever they are.

We all have mental health all of the time. But to remain productive, focused, connected, calm and able to cope, now is more important than ever to proactively nurture our own mental wellbeing.

Subscribe to the Unmind YouTube channel and join us for our next session on Friday 27th March at 10am.

What? Unmind Live is a series of guided online workouts for your mind.
When? Monday, Wednesday, Friday 10:00-10:15am.
Who? Hosted by experts ranging from yoga teachers, to clinical psychologists; available for anyone to join.
Why? Think of it as a mental tea break.

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