As Apple’s China warning sends tremors through stock markets (FT 04.01.19), we ask what will be the biggest challenges for entrepreneurs in 2019?

“There’s a lot of uncertainty for businesses around what will happen with Brexit. The challenge for many will be to make sure they’re set up in an agile way, so they can respond to what we’re seeing happen economically. It’s a healthy challenge though – marketplaces like Rated People always need to balance supply and demand, so we’re used to being adaptable and changing the playbook to meet the needs of both sets of customers.”

Celia Francis, CEO, Rated People

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In 2019 we will continue to bring in the best talent and partners. This year is set to be another exciting year of growth and delivery towards key projects with our world-class partners. We expect Apple to continue to be a strong strategic partner as we expand globally. At Medopad, our vision is to create a world where more than 1 billion people can live longer. This is a big ambition, but we feel that we have a shot. To achieve the greatest things in life, we believe it requires a group of imperfect individuals who complement each other and come together around one vision. We hope to find more Medopadians who can join us to make the impossible possible.

Dan Vahdat, Co founder and CEO, Medopad

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“To coin a well-known phrase, ‘when China sneezes, the rest of the world gets a cold’. In this case ‘when the stock market sneezes, the venture backed businesses get a cold’. These recent events will certainly have a ripple effect on the supply of capital which of course, as an insurtech startup, we’ll be keeping a keen eye on. 2019 is going to be a year of big uncertainties. We’re seeing a lack of stability amongst the world’s political leaders and we can’t ignore the UK’s biggest test to date – Brexit. All that said, I do believe that we’ll still see some exciting entrepreneurial businesses making waves but focusing on breaking through to profitability and an obsessive commitment to delivering customer value has never been more important.”

Andrew Yeoman, Co-Founder and Chief Executive Officer, Concirrus

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“The biggest challenge is political instability. The U.S. government shut down and internal bickering between Democrats and Republicans. In the UK, no clarity on the Brexit process and a government in turmoil. Both will have a meaningful impact on economic growth by reducing consumption and capital investment.”

Erkin Adylov, Founder and CEO, Behavox

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“Having raised our Series A in 2018 based on growth in our core business of boiler installations, our biggest challenge in 2019 will be about expanding the product set to move more towards our vision of building Europe’s leading smart home services provider. We have identified our two next categories, but expect it will be a challenge continuing to grow and increase efficiencies in the core, whilst getting two new services off the ground.”

Simon Phelan, CEO, Hometree

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