10 Tips for succeeding in a Startup Accelerator programme by Carlos Eduardo Espinal, Partner at Seedcamp

Carlos EspinalAccelerators come in all different shapes and sizes. With many new Accelerators coming into existence within the last few years, the job of selecting one to join and getting the most out of your chosen accelerator program isn’t always obvious. Some programs, like Seedcamp, cater to high ambition & high growth companies spread across various industries, whereas others focus on specific verticals such as clean energy or healthcare to name a few.

We all have different approaches, but with over 90 companies forming the Seedcamp family we’ve had a chance to see many different industries and what it takes to get those companies to the next level.

Below are Seedcamp’s top tips for succeeding before you enter a accelerator programme:

  1. Assess Program Fit – Research what an accelerator’s deal is regarding investment and terms before applying. Perhaps your company isn’t ready yet or is too mature for the program you are considering.
  2. Do your Due Diligence – Get in touch with founders or mentors that are part of the program, read blog posts from the Accelerator’s team to see what is important for them. This will help you get a better feel for the program but also how the program leaders think.
  3. Rehearse your Pitch and prepare to answer questions – Be transparent, confident, and open. If your pitch isn’t ready or you are defensive in your approach, it’ll be a huge red flag.

    Once you enter the program.

  4. Be Proactive – Don’t wait for the Accelerator’s team to chase after you, you should chase after them and if you can, be as physically close to the team as possible.
  5. Understand your startup is more than just tech – Product-market-fit is crucial at this stage of the game. Don’t focus entirely on tech, embark on a mission to learn and master all the commercial aspects of your startup as well.
  6. Attend as many of the curriculum events as possible – They are there to help you. Don’t skip valuable content.
  7. Network as much as possible – email all the people you meet and get to know as many of the Accelerator’s mentor base as possible.
  8. Build a board of advisors from your networking efforts early. They will be of incredible value.
  9. Start developing your fundraising strategy after the first week of being in the program.
  10. Lastly, don’t be afraid to experiment and ask questions – You will have lots of people supporting you. Your mantra should be ‘test test test’ – and that applies to all aspects of your company.

SeedcampThank you to Carlos. To find out more about Seedcamp, visit their website at seedcamp.com.

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