‘Art in the workplace is no longer simply about decoration…’

James Burke, creative director and co-founder of Shoreditch-based Acrylicize, explains why.

James BurkeArt has long been a feature in spaces outside of the art gallery. Offices have typically used art to decorate the workplace, brightening up meeting rooms and making a statement in the reception area for a lasting impression of their company.

Now, however, companies are looking for ways to differentiate and push the creative boundaries and so high-concept art is gaining a great deal of attention as a justifiable way to meet these aims.

Developments in workplace design have allowed architects, designers and clients free rein with their creativity, with all parties realising its potential as a more expressive outlet for brand identity, weaving it into the fabric of the buildings to create an intrinsic part of an inspiring working environment, be it an office, stadium, hospital or airport.

At Acrylicize, we were keen to tap into the notion of ‘Art Beyond the Gallery’, exploring areas of Fine Art, Graphic Design, Interior design and Architecture, resulting in a bespoke work that give people the opportunity to engage with such work in a way they may not have done before.

Each piece of work that we produce intrinsically tells a unique story about that particular space, celebrating its character, values and personality in order to positively connect people with their environment.

Leading magazines are now featuring office design purely on the merit of the artwork on the walls. Take for instance a recent commission for accountancy firm Qubic Tax. The company were keen to shed their staid image and make tax a fun talking-point. We took on the challenge and had fun with the tongue-in-cheek art installations involving LEGO and neon. The finished result featured in the industry-renowned OnOffice magazine alongside news of a growing trend for art at work.

Qualified and quantifiable research has also been undertaken – by the IAC in partnership with the British Council for Offices – to demonstrate how businesses and workforces have benefited from having an art strategy.

Many credit art in the workspace with inspiring creativity, assisting in communicating brand values and increasing staff productivity and retention, not to mention making their workplace more welcoming for staff and visitors alike.

When you treat art as a separate, vital entity, you reap the rewards from an HR perspective, with a more motivated and inspired workforce. The whole process of commissioning art also acts as a valuable exercise as an alternative way of exploring your brand, a step beyond logo design and branded materials.

The result is a visual message that acts as an expressive outlet for your company, providing your workspace with a unique identity as well as a personal story to tell.

Acrylicize logoThank you to James. To find out more about Acrylicize, visit their website at acrylicize.com.

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