Duncan Logan, founder of San Francisco based accelerator RocketSpace talks about change and London’s greatest opportunity!

Duncan Logan, RocketSpaceIn years to come I think Silicon Valley and San Francisco will be viewed as the laboratory of the information age but much of the real world growth of tech will be driven from other locations. There has been no letup in the rapid expansion of technology startups in San Francisco since the end of 2010. The vibrancy of this innovation economy is alive and well. What is newer however is the engagement of corporations into the ecosystem and this could be London’s greatest opportunity.

Corporations look at innovation through two lenses, fear and greed. What’s out there that could kill us or better what is out there that could give us the edge.

It is hard for a startup to disrupt an industry quickly. But a startup on the back of a corporate, with financial weight and market reach is a dangerous beast. London is a hot bed for corporate headquarters and this offers an extraordinary opportunity for startups.

RocketSpace is passionate about tech. Our simple goal is to help tech entrepreneurs succeed. We are focused on creating the perfect ecosystem for tech startups to succeed. We believe young companies are like young people, they are a product of their environment and hence we take our environment seriously. Opening a RocketSpace in London will not replicate what we have in San Francisco, it will allow us to link what San Francisco does well with the enormous potential of London.

Innovation is accelerated when like-minded people come together in a dynamic ecosystem. Inspiration drives inspirations and in London we hope to create a world class ecosystem that will draw in the best entrepreneurs from across Europe. London already has a rapidly expanding technology cluster. It is exciting but not surprising to see the speed at which it has formed. We are excited to become a component part of the continued success.

RocketSpaceThank you to Duncan. To find out more about RocketSpace, visit their website at

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