‘The Blockchain will become our new signature’ (The Wired World in 2016). In their recent article Forde and Casey argue ‘Timestamped Bitcoin transactions can provide a path to data reliability’. We asked the founders of Shoreditch based Blockchain, Peter Smith and Nic Cary, if they agreed and about their journey so far!


A lot of people are talking about the block chain these days. In its simplest form, the block chain is a database that stores a history of every bitcoin transaction that has ever taken place. It’s the core innovation of the bitcoin protocol and our company’s namesake. Once such a record is stored in the block chain, it can never be reversed. This makes it perfect for tracking records in a decentralised and immutable fashion. Not only is this system great for keeping track of who owns what, but it also has potential to transform digital identity, property rights, and more.

This is what Forde and Casey are talking about in their article; a global trustless auditing system. The implications are profound and will be transformative across industries bringing greater transparency to everything from finance to supply chains. For example, micro-transactions could be made at each step along the way as raw goods move to consumer markets ensuring quality and timeliness.

Over the past few years Blockchain, the company, has grown from a small team based in rural, northern England to one of the fastest growing technology companies in the world.

It is our mission to build the bitcoin software platform that will power our open financial future. We build software that enables users to succinctly transact with one another over a peer-to-peer network. From individuals to the largest institutions in the world, everyone is welcome to use our platform. In fact, we have users in over 140 countries and are growing faster than ever before.

As 2015 comes to a close, now is the perfect time to revisit some of the year’s tremendous industry developments. A useful and succinct place to measure and monitor traction is our website, blockchain.info. Here is a snapshot of some of the latest metrics:


Dec 2014

Dec 2015

% change

Transaction volume per day




Bitcoin Price




#of Wallets on Blockchain.info

2.6 Million

5.2 Million


Bitcoins in circulation

13.2 Million

14.9 Million



We are excited about the block chain’s potential to completely replace intermediaries in all forms of transactions. This has sparked interest from a spectrum of different entities. Individuals, entire industries, and economies benefit from an expansion of core financial services. When asset owners are no longer beholden to third party intermediaries for safeguarding or facilitating transfers a more inclusive system of transacting can exist.

We’re proud to represent the technology community in the a major global FinTech centre.

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