A 30 minute look at the most interesting tech stories from the last 7 days

Wired podcast

Listen this week for an entertaining 30-minute look at the most interesting technology and science stories from the last seven days, with Wired.co.uk’s Nate Lanxon, Olivia Solon, Liat Clark and Katie Collins

Top stories
1) Nick d’Aloisio announces Summly-inspired News Digest app at Yahoo’s CES keynote
2) Google+ app monitors your video calls and tells you what to say
3) Electronic tongue knows its Merlot from its Pinot Noir, tells you when to harvest
4) CES special report from Nate Lanxon

Discussion stories
1) Met Office to launch round-the-clock space weather forecasting service
2) Facebook sued for scanning ‘private’ messages for profit

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