Silicon Roundabout jobs hotspot

Silicon MilkroundaboutThe Evening Standard story on 30th September 2011 headed ‘Silicon Roundabout jobs hotspot on networking boom‘ was, of course very interesting. As Harvey Nash chief exec Albert Ellis was quoted as saying “We want to be closer to that whole Shoreditch area. It’s a big opportunity. The whole tech sector has been robust all the way through the economic crisis, particularly in social networking which has created a whole new job market in software programming….”

The truth is…. he is not the only one to have noticed!!

Fast forward only a few weeks and on 30th October 2011 The Truman Brewery, Brick Lane, E1 hosts Silicon Milkroundabout where, it is said, some 500 jobs will be available at the most creative, exciting, innovative and entrepreneurial startups you could fit in one place.

The brainchild of local Silicon Roundabout startup ‘Songkick‘ (the personalized concert alerts service) the event is about opening the eyes of graduates through to Senior level developers to the incredible opportunities in the tech sector, that they simply may be unaware of. This could simply be because, as Songkicks CEO Ian Hogarth says, the “Big corporations spend a fortune on advertising and recruitment, with the effect of drowning out the noise that startups have made until now”.

Participants read like a ‘dream team‘ of startups any graduate would be thrilled to potentially work for. These include Moo, Mind Candy, Skimlinks, Zolmo, Onefinestay, Shazam, Mendeley and Housetrip.

Check out the website for further details.

Alternatively, to find out more about available office property in the Silicon Roundabout area contact Kushner at

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