Masabi’s New Shoreditch HQ has the wow factor!

Fresh from a new $12m funding round in December 2015, Masabi more than ever were ready to relocate to a new HQ.

The new office would need to reflect a creative environment capable of attracting talented employees and collaborative working. The HQ building in Shoreditch, designed by internationally renowned and dynamic architects Studio RHE, has provided the answer.
With a solid concrete frame, 6.8m polished concrete walls, lightweight mezzanine and a full double glazed facade Masabi have acquired a dramatic new office space reflecting their innovative business.
The ground and mezzanine level are brought together by a dramatic internal staircase enhancing the warehouse flavour ,alongside the exposed ceilings and ventilation.

‘Kushner sourced and delivered the office before it had even been officially launched. The deal was done in just over ten working days.

In a market of fierce demand and very limited stock,that is some achievement!’
John Scrooby , Head of People Operations, Masabi.

If you are looking for offices feel free to get in touch!

Photographs courtesy of Studio RHE.

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