Cindy Minniti,JD and Managing Partner at Reed Smith in New York on ‘The Five Things London’s Leading Entrepreneurs with US Operations Should Know about Non-Compete Agreements’

Generally speaking, employees in the United States have unlimited freedom to move between jobs — that is, unless the employee signed a non-compete agreement.  These agreements – often used to protect a company’s trade secrets and client relationships — bar employees from engaging in competitive activities with their former employer for a fixed period of time post-employment.

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‘Some of Silicon Valley’s most highly valued private technology companies, including Airbnb and Uber, are expressing concern and taking action over a new breed of brokers trying to solicit shares from employees and early investors..’(FT 15.08.16) Stephen Diosi , Partner at Mishcon de Reya, offers his thoughts on the controversy and advice for London’s leading entrepreneurs.

Awarding stock to employees, whether through a formal share plan or otherwise, can be a very powerful tool to reward and incentivise behaviour, playing a key part in the growth and success of a business. Of course, the incentive is only tangible if there is an opportunity to crystallise the value of the shares at some point in the future – normally at the time of an initial public offering (IPO) or trade sale. Equally, early investors will also want a plan so they can realise all or part of their investment.

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As San Francisco’s LendUp announces $47m in funding we asked Richard Wazacz, Head of Octopus Labs to talk London fintech and the new accelerator!

London has an illustrious history as a global financial hub. But over the last decade or so, it’s pulled off a pretty impressive feat – one that few cities have been able to achieve.

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The Entrepreneurs Podcast with Monocle 24 Episode 253; Aegean Summit; how to build a media brand

Photo; Emilio Garcia

Aegean Summit: how to build a media brand:
Amid paywalls, platforms and advertising woes, few media outlets have cracked the code required to create a successful, sustainable and profitable business model. The Aegean Summit, a new conference in Athens, is looking to the Middle East, North Africa and the Mediterranean for guidance on best practice. We meet with the event’s organiser, talk to the founders of media start-ups from Cairo, Kuwait and Beirut and visit the office of independent Greek media company AthensLive.

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Having invested in Fyndiq, Klarna, Matsmart, iZettle, Spotify and Fishbrain, Northzone know the Stockholm ecosystem rather well! Jessica Nilsson (@JessMNilsson), Principal at Northzone, gives her insight into the current Stockholm tech scene.

Having invested in Fyndiq, Klarna, Matsmart, iZettle, Spotify and Fishbrain, Northzone know the Stockholm ecosystem rather well! Jessica Nilsson, Principal at Northzone, gives her insight into the current Stockholm tech scene.

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Global publishing platform and New York Headquartered Playbuzz have raised over $31m in funding. Co Founder ,Tom Pachys, gives us his 3 Crucial Tips for running a Startup!

Decisions, Decisions, Decisions: 3 Crucial Tips for Running a Startup

If entrepreneurs had a dime for every tip they received, the entire industry would have been bootstrapping. And so, when I was asked to share a few tips of my own, I’ve decided to steer clear from clichés like “hire top talent” or “keep it lean,” and offer something new.

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Having invested in over 150 businesses over the last 16 years, including Rocket Internet, Wooga, Zalando, Spotcap and Delivery Hero, Holtzbrinck Ventures know the Berlin ecosystem rather well! Barbod Namini (@b_namini), Principal, gives his insight into the current Berlin tech scene.

As a fund that has been setup in 2000 with offices in Munich and Berlin we have been able to observe the emergence of Berlin as one of the main tech hubs of Europe very closely. Most recently a report by Compass Global ( put Berlin as the 8th global tech ecosystem, but the 1st in terms of growth momentum. And that momentum is what can be felt every day if one goes to Berlin.

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The Entrepreneurs Podcast with MONOCLE 24 Episode 248 : Live

In this special live episode of ‘The Entrepreneurs’ recorded at our Marylebone HQ, Monocle’s Daniel Giacopelli and Andrew Tuck are joined by the visionaries and creative leaders behind inspiring, successful businesses. From industry giants and family outfits to one-man-bands and clever upstarts, we find out how to build a strong brand for the long-term.

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The Entrepreneurs Podcast with MONOCLE 24 Episode 247 : Thread

London-based online start-up Thread is one of a growing number of companies enteringthe burgeoning fashion-technology space. It combines the know-how of a stylist with the computing power of an algorithm; the aim is to help men find the perfect piece of clothing and deliver it straight to their door. Daniel Giacopelli discusses its business model with CEO and co-founder Kieran O’Neill.

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They’re the dinosaurs and I’m the meteor’, he says of the bricks and mortar shops like Citibank, Chase or Bank of America… ’They have a business practice which should be extinct’ Mike Cagney, CEO of San Francisco online loans group SoFi, FT 3/5/16

We asked Tom Blomfield, CEO of Mondo, where he sees the future of Banking.

I’ve recently been reading about artificial intelligence and robotics, and I’m fascinated by that stuff. It embodies exactly what I love about technology, the ability to turn science-fiction into reality. It’s wonderful that people are working on frighteningly ambitious technical problems.

And as humans, it’s strange to consider how quickly we adapt to the new normal. I’ve just been listening to a podcast that was being live-streamed from halfway around the world over the internet, effectively for free. The internet, personal computers, flight, automobiles – the last 150 years of human invention has been genuinely remarkable – and we often take it for granted.

Set against that backdrop, the lack of real innovation in personal banking is pretty depressing. Whereas I used to get my paper bank statement delivered by post, I can now see it on my laptop or my mobile phone. My balance is still generally 2 or 3 days out of date and my card gets blocked every time I travel. The hidden fees & charges that are levied border on criminality.

While other industries are working on self-driving cars and mapping the human genome, my bank has not yet figured out how to tell me exactly how much money I have in my account at any point in time.

There are many reasons that this is still the case, but a primary one is the huge barrier to entry in the form of banking regulation. This has meant the banks have faced almost no new competition, and hence no pressure to improve. That’s changing, at least in the UK, with the launch of companies like Atom, Tandem and Mondo.

We’ll start by giving you an up-to-date view of your balance and recent transactions, and doing away with the hidden fees and charges. But that feels like table-stakes. We need real innovation in this industry over the next 5 or 10 years, delivering the kind of financial service that genuinely improves people’s lives.

The first step in this innovation is already happening – it’s the unbundling of personal finance, with single-purpose providers offering single products at remarkable better prices. Think Transferwise, Zopa, Ratesetter and Funding Circle. I think the next step is a loose re-coupling of these services around centralised platforms, enabled by APIs. Mondo is aiming to be that platform, moving away from the traditional model of banking that’s centred around customer lock-in and cross-selling, towards a “marketplace of banking” where the customer can choose between the most attractive products available.

I think the final step is the introduction of AI to help run our financial lives. We’ll all have computers monitoring our money, making smart investment decisions to optimise for a risk profile that we’ve selected, whilst also looking out for any suspicious activity on our accounts. I’m sure there are a dozen other applications of AI in our personal finances that we can’t even imagine yet. It will be an amazing future that I can’t wait to experience.

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